The Improbable Dream!

In 1972, long-time friends Jeff Sherman and Sam Koperwas decided to open a jewelry store in the beautiful Victorian town of Cape May on the Washington Street Mall. They knew nothing about the industry, but the two friends had a simple, three-step plan…


Offer Beautiful Products

Seek out unusual, beautiful, well-made designs and sell at the most affordable prices.


Outstanding Customer Service

Make customer service priority one. And hire only the best; the most friendly and helpful employees.


Earn Confidence

Earn the confidence of the Cape May community and visitors ... and (hopefully) turn a profit.

Over 40 years later, Henry's is now recognized as one of America's Top 50 Designer Retailers, and as Cape May's Landmark Jeweler.

The Improbable Dream continues...

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Cape May Hook Bracelet - Gold Wrapped Rope
Cape May Hook Bracelet - Gold Wrapped Rope
$ 199.99
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